Project Types

Code and Ordinance Drafting

Drenner Group principals have successfully represented development and public interests in Austin, Central Texas, and around the state for over 30 years. We have acted in consultation with local governments in drafting development agreements containing land use ordinances and development regulations, we have been charged with implementing numerous codes and ordinances through appointed service on several planning commissions and development-oriented task forces, and we have worked within professional organizations on the development of industry best-practices.

Land Planning

With a diverse group of professionals including planners, engineers, and attorneys, Drenner Group is well-versed in helping our clients understand the existing, future, and best use of their properties. While we leave the nuts and bolts to traditional land planning firms, we do provide our clients with outstanding guidance on zoning and annexation issues, subdivision cases, comprehensive planning initiatives, site compatibility issues, development agreements, planned unit development (PUD) agreements, utility agreements, historical preservation issues, site layouts, and evaluations of land use alternatives – all with an eye towards the economic and social conditions that could impact the long term success of a site.

Urban Planning

We have honed our urban planning and entitlement skills in one of the most rapidly growing urban areas of the United States. In addition to traditional land planning expertise, we provide our clients with guidance on subjects such as transit-oriented-development, urban infill, mixed-use projects, light and sound issues, and form-based code implementation.

Environmental Planning

Promoting successful, well-designed development while also advancing the principals of environmental stewardship is important to many jurisdictions in Central Texas and around the state – and many of our clients share the same values. We are truly unique in our market in our ability to provide a holistic framework to achieve sustainable outcomes in the plans and developments we support. Our in-house planning expertise includes: water conservation, water planning, water reuse and recycling, low impact development, sustainable stormwater management, solar and alternative energy, natural system restoration, green building, solid waste management and recycling, air quality and emissions, environmental remediation, conservation development and conservation easements. In order to address these issues on a particular project, Drenner Group principals typically work in a team environment with the client and other development consultants.