Basic Entitlements

Project Types

Site Search

Many of our clients involve us in their search for development sites. Typically, those clients identify the type of project they want to pursue, the relative size of the potential site, the height and density of the potential project, and any geographic restrictions. Working with the client and, in many cases, the client’s broker, we identify potential sites that may be viable due to existing entitlements or prospective changes in those entitlements.

Due Diligence

Once a potential site is identified, our clients engage us to perform thorough due diligence relative to the site’s existing entitlements and, if applicable, potential modification of those entitlements. That exercise includes preparation of a site summary which lists the existing entitlements and related site development regulations. For sites that require modifications to existing entitlements, the general strategy to obtain such modifications is formulated during the due diligence stage. Our due diligence for such sites may include preliminary discussion regarding such modifications with interested parties, including city council members, other board or commission members, city staff, neighbors or neighborhood representatives and interest groups.

Zoning, Modifications to Neighborhood Plans, Subdivision, Site Development Permits, or Other Permits

If a project requires new entitlements (zoning, modifications to neighborhood plans, subdivision, site development permits, or other permits), Drenner Group typically operates as the “quarterback” of the consulting team tasked with gaining such entitlements. On most cases, the consulting team includes a civil engineer, architect, traffic engineer and landscape architect. Generally, Drenner Group is responsible for the following: (a) compiling the strategy that achieves the entitlements; (b) coordinating the consulting team’s efforts with city staff, boards and commissions and city council; (c) communications with neighborhood groups and other interested parties; (d) all presentations; (e) lobbying city council members and others on board and commission members that may vote on any desired entitlements; (f) communications with members of the media; and (g) all legal documentation related to the entitlements.

Drenner Group has experience in permitting all types of projects, including:

  • Condominium
  • Office
  • High-Rise Mixed-Use
  • Multi-Family
  • Hotels
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Single-Family Master-Planned Communities
  • Suburban Mixed-Use


Occasionally, a proposed project may qualify for incentives from a municipality, county or the State of Texas. In those cases, Drenner Group will coordinate the consulting team’s efforts to obtain such incentives.